i am

a minimalist

 a health foodie

a movement enthusiast

 an outdoors woman

a clutter-free creative

a certified yoga and lagree™ fitness instructor

i believe

in the power of healthy and inspiring food

in moving our bodies in fun and fresh ways

in creating space and time for those we love

in playing a little every day

in sleeping plenty each night


in simply simplifying life


life happens

and over time we collect “stuff” in many forms, which can make us feel stuck, heavy, or uninspired


through our work together

you will be empowered to shift your focus intentionally and creatively towards the things that matter the most to you

we begin by focusing your energy and visualizing your new freedom

then, we remove clutter and roadblocks standing in your way

finally, we create simple practices which will allow you to sustain this newfound freedom and focus


with my personalized touch

we may downsize and declutter a room

re-purpose otherwise unnecessary possessions

create a fashionable yet simplified wardrobe that fits your lifestyle

organize and re-design any room in your home to be more dynamic, livable, and more in tune with your vision

assess your office and make simple changes for your work to feel more organized, more mobile and more enjoyable

discuss your specific health needs and create an easy fitness or movement plan that feels less like work and more like play

do a custom workout together, design a meal plan or refresh your fridge for a successful journey towards better health


ultimately, you will learn

skills, habits and tools to live an intuitive, authentic, sustainably simple life


this process is your process

it's not about minimalism or extremism, but instead about re-assessing and redirecting your energy towards treasured experiences

let's get started

schedule your free consultation now and let’s get this ball rolling