it all started when…

i went backpacking for the first time.

after college, i embarked on a three-month long training course with the national outdoor leadership school.

in the wilderness, i learned to live with very little and found much joy and contentment. 

with nothing but the essentials, i realized my every day life suddenly felt cluttered with experiences which didn’t bring me joy and possessions that i didn’t truly need.


this changed the course of my life…

i began guiding people from all walks of life into wild and beautiful places to share this experience of simplicity.

i educated, trained and challenged everyone to evaluate their own lives through this lens.

working for some of the best schools and outdoor programs in the country, i began to develop strong leadership and mentoring skills, and found an ability to get anything done regardless of the circumstances.

so i dove deeper…

during my time developing a wellness program at a creative alternative high school, i pursued my yoga and pilates teacher certifications. 

i began using these skills to inspire my students toward a life of healthy movement and mindfulness. 


after recognizing my passion…

i began helping others find better health and vitality, i chose to dive deeper into the health and wellness industry.

i taught yoga and pilates full-time for several years and soon realized i had a gift for challenging and inspiring individuals to seek out the best in themselves.

i taught clients privately, lead workshops, mentored and trained other teachers and ultimately helped develop many careers just like my own.


my love for the industry grew...

i took on roles that gave me a more thorough understanding of the business of health.

i managed a few fitness studios and partnered with one to create a new concept centered around the Pilates style lagree Mega-former, the Versa-climber and the Airdyne Bike for a phenomenal high-intensity, low impact fitness experience.

i learned the nuances of building a brand and the nuts-and-bolts of creating a fitness studio from the ground up. i did everything from cleaning toilets and washing windows to designing and implementing marketing content and strategies, hiring, training, and managing employees, to creating new class concepts and building a satisfied and loyal clientele.


and personal life challenges made me stronger...

for years, my own personal health challenges have forced me to acquire a vast knowledge around nutrition (a virtual PhD from the international university of google).

today, i’m on a journey to understand and improve how our food system runs in this country and i’m learning everything i can about what we should eat and why we should eat it.

and, i am passionate about educating individuals with my findings. 


so my mission...

is to be a wellness guide. a lifestyle guru. a personal trainer in the practicalities of life.

i have learned that with a few, very simple routines and best practices one can cultivate and achieve a consistent lifestyle filled with playful movement, healthy food habits, and overall simplicity. i guarantee these practices will enhance energy, productivity and inspiration. 

i wake up every day with a passion for clarifying complex concepts into their simplest components with the ultimate goal of helping every individual grasp, practice, and maintain a consistent and simple lifestyle full of health and vitality.

Photo credit to:

Andrew clark & leigh germy